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Personal Injury

Injuries usually strike when we least expect them to. Sadly, the consequences can be devastating. In addition to attempting to heal from the painful injuries we received because someone else was careless, we have to deal with a damaged or destroyed vehicle if the accident was motor vehicle related. Suddenly, with no fault of your own, there may be job issues and certainly medical bills to figure out how to pay. Insurance companies for negligent parties may contact and confuse you as they do "damage control" while you are weak and grappling with your changed life's circumstances. To make matters worse, there is a deluge of ambulance chasing attorneys on television to further confuse you in deciding where to turn. In my 30 years of experience, I have prided myself on the ability to assist individuals and families following accidents caused by the negligence of others. My team and I are skilled at putting your claim for damages together and in arriving at a settlement with the responsible party or parties (or if necessary, a verdict at trial) to compensate you for your pain and suffering, future damages, lost wages, property damage, medical bills, (both past and future) and disfigurement when that is part of your claim.  

At Bridge Law Office, LLC we are available to assist you when you or someone you love and care about is injured in the following ways:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Boat Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Aircraft Accident
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Slips And Falls
  • Dog Bites/Attacks
  • On-The-Job injuries
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Wrongful Death
  • Products Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • OtherAnimal Attacks
  • Job-Related Injuries
Give a call today or send us an email for a no obligation, free consultation regarding your case and a representative of Bridge Law Office, LLC will contact you shortly. If you contact me regarding an injury, and mention this website, I will discount my fee upon a successful completion of your case by 10%. That could result in substantial additional dollars for you to use where you need it most. 
Verdicts and  Settlements 
Obtained by Atty. Bridge
$1,000,000 Settlement – auto collision: Client involved in severe intersection collision. Suffered injuries to head, neck, back and extremities. Elements of damage included wage loss, medical bills, and future pain and suffering. Resolved after commencement of suit but before trial.
 • $975,000 Settlement - auto collision: Client involved in serious intersection collision involving commuting employee who was an uninsured motorist. Client suffered serious head, neck and back injuries. Damages included past and future pain and suffering, medical expense, wage loss and property damage. Client recovered $200,000 of uninsured motorist coverage. He then recovered an additional $750,000 from the uninsured motorists' employer under an exception to Wisconsin's "going and coming rule" as argued in Summary Judgment briefs filed on behalf of client by Atty. Bridge. Client also recovered $25,000 from the defendant, who was required to post said sum pursuant to Wisconsin's Financial Responsibility Law as a condition of settlement. Case was resolved a few weeks before trial, after the defendant's bid to have case dismissed against employer via summary judgment failed.
$325,000 Settlement after suit commenced--Safe Place liability issues resulting in severe ankle injury following a fall in a stairway at an apartment building.
$250,000 Settlement - auto collision: Client was passenger on motorcycle which was hit in an intersection collision.  Client suffered leg and arm fractures, lacerations and scarring.  Damages included past and future pain, suffering, and medical bills. Matter was resolved in pre-suit negotiations with the insurance company.
$250,000 Settlement - auto collision: Client was passenger in vehicle struck at intersection. Suffered Right arm fractures and shoulder injuries. Damages included medical bills and past and future pain and suffering. It was resolved without having to file suit.
$198,700 Verdict - products liability: Client injured by defective baby swing. While attempting to fix it, the drive spring shot out, striking her in the eye, reducing vision permanently to 20/40 with obstruction in the central visual field. Following testimony, a Milwaukee County Jury awarded $153,700 of general and special damages and $45,000 of punitive damages. The award of punitive damages was appealed but ultimately upheld by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.
• 198,000 Settlement - auto accident: Client involved in head on collision on interstate when struck by disoriented individual driving wrong way. He suffered a fractured femur in the collision. Damages included lost wages, medical bills and past and future pain and suffering. The matter was resolved by settlement before commencing suit.
$180,000 Settlement - auto accident: Client suffered fractured femur in intersection collision. Despite negative facts that client was pursuing another driver, was on his cell phone, and actually struck the other vehicle, I was successful in convincing the insurance company that liability existed in my client's favor and the matter was resolved without having to file suit. Damages included medical bills, past and future pain and suffering and wage loss.
• $180,000 Settlement—premises liability golf course:  Client suffered injury on a golf course when he stepped into an unmarked and uncovered sprinkler insert.  Shin injury became infected and resulted in a severe osteomyelitis, necessitating a subcutaneous skin flap repair. 
$150,000 Settlement - nursing home liability: Client suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease was neglected in a nursing home, leading to the development of Stage IV decubitus ulcers on his buttocks. The ulcers became severely infected and difficult to treat. The client's infection went septic and he ultimately died. It was disputed as to whether his death was caused by the sepsis or as a consequence of his general medical condition. The matter was resolved without the commencement of suit for $150,000.
• $150,000 Settlement - auto accident: Client was unbelted driver of vehicle involved in intersection collision which caused her to be ejected from her vehicle. She suffered a dislocated sternocleido-mastoid joint, a fractured radius requiring fixation surgery, a concussion, vertigo and cuts and bruises. Her claim was resolved for the limits of the insurance policy in question without the commencement of suit.
• $140,000 Settlement - auto accident: Client involved in low impact auto collision resulting in cervical fusion procedure. Liability disputed by defense. Matter put in suit and ultimately resolved in mediation for $10,000 less than the total amount of coverage available.
• $116,239 Settlement - auto accident: Client was unbelted driver of vehicle in an intersection collision. Following the collision her vehicle impacted with a telephone pole which injured several teeth and lacerated her lower lip. Her case involved medical expense, wage loss and scarring, which was reduced significantly by cosmetic surgery. The case was resolved without the commencement of litigation.
 • $115,000 Settlement - eye injury: Client was injured during a paint ball game conducted by a privately run juvenile group home. As a consequence of negligent supervision, client suffered a shot to his right eye resulting in traumatic glaucoma. Client will need to administer drops to his eye to maintain proper pressure in the eye for the rest of his life. His vision was not impaired and remained 20/20. The medical bills were not significant. The case was resolved without having to file suit.
• $112,500 Settlement–eye injury: Client was injured during test flight of toy helicopter. Design of “zip strip” driven helicopter was known to be defective, but manufacturer failed to disclose it. Copter launched into adult plaintiff’s eye, causing permanent photophobia, but no loss of visual acuity.
• $110,000 Settlement–products liability injury: Client suffered a hand injury when a pneumatic press fell off of a work station and was damaged.  While attempting to put the press back in position, it suddenly activated, causing crushing injuries to his left hand.  Atty. Bridge argued that the design of the press was defective and that it lacked a secure mounting design.  The case was resolved after suit was commenced but before trial.
• $90,000 Settlement–premises liability:  Client was a passenger on a Greyhound bus in Milwaukee.  While waiting to claim her luggage at the side of the bus, the operator told all of the patrons to “move back”.  Client did so, but fell backwards over a bus wheel stop that she didn’t realize was there.  The fall damaged her back and resulted in a lumbar fusion to correct it.  The case was resolved after the commencement of suit but before trial.
• $75,000 Settlement - auto accident: One car accident involving rental car. Client lost control in snow and claimed that rental car's tires were worn and unsafe. Client suffered back injuries for which he received injections without relief. Future medicals included a fusion procedure which had not been done at time of settlement. Matter was put into suit and ultimately resolved via mediation.
• $73,304 Verdict - auto accident: Intersection accident resulting in left knee injury. Disputes regarding liability and extent of injuries necessitated trial. Pre-suit offer of $5,000 was rejected. Jury agreed with Atty. Bridge that accident was not fault of client, and awarded significantly more in damages that what had been offered by the defense.
• $70,000 Settlement–Dog Bite: 3 year old mauled by large dog while in grandparents care. Scarring to plaintiff’s head was mostly within hairline, and difficult to see without close inspection. No physical impairment or psychological component.
I have limited this list to settlements greater than $70,000.  In my career I have handled hundreds of cases successfully where the injuries to my client did not justify a settlement at that level, but where justice was served and where the pain and inconvenience of being victimized by someone else’s negligence was resolved to my client’s satisfaction.

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