Committed To Your Case

At Bridge Law Office, LLC, we are proud of our record of having provided cost-effective and responsive representation throughout Milwaukee County and the surrounding metropolitan area for over 35 years. After working as a partner in a downtown law firm for the first half of my practice, I founded Bridge Law Office in 2000 to enable me to focus on assisting individuals and families in a variety of legal areas where they are most likely to need legal assistance. For every client that we serve, we are dedicated to providing high-quality counsel and common sense, cost effective results.

From our first consultation until our final meeting, I will work closely with you to address all issues related to your case and to give you options and cost effective solutions. If you are not trained in the law and you do not have an experienced professional to serve your legal needs, any legal matter—divorce, family law, personal injury, wills & estates or a general matter—may prove to be overwhelming. Many unrepresented persons find this out the hard way as they blunder through court trying to "self-represent". Ultimately, they hurt themselves financially or come away with a bad result that will only need an expensive correction with the help of an attorney somewhere down the road.

As your advocate, I will educate you on your options, the legal process and your possible outcomes so that you will know what to expect and help you make informed decisions that will work for you into the future. I invite you to begin the process today by contacting my law office at 414-616-3305.

Offering A Range Of Services Tailored To Your Needs

I am experienced in and qualified to assist you in a variety of legal areas that include:

Helping you resolve difficult issues in your life which require access to the courts, while minimizing damage and long-term hardships through common sense and cost effective solutions to your legal issue is my goal. To that end, I customize legal approaches according to your unique circumstances. With my training as a mediator, seasoned negotiator and aggressive trial attorney over a 35 year period, I will recommend a course of action that has the greatest likelihood of getting you the results that will put you in the best possible position to have finality and an acceptable resolution of your legal issue.