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Instant vulnerability: challenges and recoveries for motorcycle riders

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Car Accidents

You’ve doubtlessly heard a host of arguments denigrating your passion if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast.

And here’s the likely truth about them: Most of the pleas for you to get off your bike come from individuals who have never ridden a motorcycle, right?

Bike lovers are impassioned if not exhilarated about motorcycling’s distinct upsides. There is an instant sense of freedom realized on a bike that just can’t be duplicated by any 4-wheel passenger vehicle. Motorcycles take riders on unique journeys. Moreover, they are a comparatively cheap mode of transportation.

Bottom line for legions of riders: They’re just fun.

Admittedly, though, they do pose some obvious and outsized risks for bike owners traversing Milwaukee-metro roads and elsewhere across the country. As noted by one legal publication’s overview of motorcycle safety/accidents, the singular challenges that riders face are “readily apparent.”

Some notable takeaways regarding motorcycling risks

Here are three key points to ponder concerning these reported facts tied to motorcycle riding:

  • Motorcycling deaths have more than doubled over the past generation, while fatalities tied to car and light-truck accidents have plummeted
  • Bikers suffer a fatal crash rate that is a stunning 26 times higher than for accident victims in cars
  • Clear fault – evidence shows that in motorcycle/car crashes, the automobile driver’s negligence is the primary cause that literally drives nearly 70% of all accidents

Consider that last bullet entry for a moment. It clearly establishes that bikers obeying the rules of the road are nonetheless innocent crash victims in an overwhelming percentage of cases.

Bikers’ crash injuries: unsurprisingly serious, often life-upending

A proven Milwaukee personal injury legal source duly stresses that careless drivers causing motorcycle accidents, along with their insurers, often seek to avoid legal liability and damage payment in the wake of a crash.

That should never happen, and a knowledgeable and aggressive victim’s attorney will fight hard against any such outcome.

The need to do so is often great, as well as clear. Bikers’ injuries are understandably severe in many instances. Victims suffer from a wide range of maladies like traumatic brain injury, broken bones, lacerations, spinal cord damage and more.

Pursuing a meaningful post-crash remedy

As noted above, a strong legal advocate can help a crash victim pursue a just remedy following a bike crash. Optimally, that will entail maximum compensation applicable to a host of economic and noneconomic needs (e.g., lost wages, medical costs, pain/suffering and more).

Motorcyclists have full rights on American roadways. They are entitled to exercise them when another motorist’s negligence causes an accident and resulting injuries.